1. Software Customization: The total project cost as mentioned above is strictly for the existing functionality as mentioned in the Core Functionalities of App and ERP above. Any additional development outlined by you during the development, deployment or maintenance phase is chargeable extra, depending on the nature of the work. Additional development includes activities like (but not limited to) report customization, new feature development, new receipt / report format requirement, etc. Additional development is subject to approval from Eduhook Private Limited and the school management. We appreciate the enhancements suggested by the customers and that is how we have grown over the years. However, owing to the nature of product, we do not make any commitments on the time involved in the development and QA. We make a conscious effort to make changes as early as possible, but no commitment on timelines is being made directly or inherently.
  2. No Refunds: Since Eduhook is a hosted solution and the amount paid by you is shared with multiple server, app and website hosting partners, we do not offer any refund on the amount paid by you, after 7 days of receiving the first instalment.
  3. Scope of work: The project cost is being charged only for the Eduhook software licensed as per work order. Any third-party costing like (but not limited to) web hosting, advertising, SEO, computer hardware, data entry, networking, internet expenses, operating systems, document editing software, Tally software, stationery, electricity expenses, manpower expenses, furniture fixtures, third party software, etc is not included in this cost and is payable separately to the concerned third party, if deemed necessary by the client.
  4. Intellectual Property: We would be only deploying the functional binaries on the cloud server and share the login credentials for your account with you. The source code of the entire software will remain our IP (intellectual Property). We will not give you the source code for this software, database scripts or any documentation of the internal architecture of the software at any point during or after your subscription to this service. This remains true even in case the company ceases to exist any longer.
  5. Training and Support: Training and support will be provided to your team after deployment of the software over remote screen sharing over the internet and via telephone in standard business hours. We provide only remote support and do not provide any sort of physical support. High Speed internet connection (minimum 1Mbps) is required if the customer needs remote desktop sharing support. Our work timings are Mon – Sat 10 AM to 7 PM, except holidays. All calls to and from our offices will always be over a recorded line. We reserve the right to withdraw telephone support, email support and all other forms of training and support if there are complaints of unruly, harsh or undignified behaviour from the school. No refunds will be provided in this case as well, as outlined in the “No Refunds” section above.
  6. Data Backup: Although we use multiple data backup techniques to ensure data redundancy, we explicitly disclaim responsibility for any data loss or data corruption issues. You are advised to maintain daily backup of your data on a separate system by using the export to excel features available in all major reports.
  7. Payment Defaults: If the client defaults on any payment schedule, Eduhook Private Limited reserves the right to stop the software from functioning partially or completely. No Support will be offered for the software in case of default in payment. We also disclaim responsibility of any data loss that might occur if the providers truncate your installation due to non-payment of dues.
  8. Scope of license: The client is entitled to use the software only for the licensed installation. Any subletting or installation of any part or whole of the Eduhook software on another computer, or to any installation not clearly mentioned in the work order, is strictly prohibited and will attract legal proceedings.
  9. Hardware Safety: Hardware devices installed by us in the bus or in the school (GPS / Mobiles / etc) are installed at the school’s risk. The security of all such devices is to be undertaken by the school authorities. Any theft / damage / repair / exchange for these devices is the school’s responsibility and the concerned charges for new devices has to be paid by the school in advance if the need so arises.
  10. Transaction fee clause: In case of online fee payment made via this App, Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment. Transaction fee charges would not be refunded/ reversed under any circumstances for any refund/ reversal /chargeback and any other reasons
  11. Jurisdiction: All disputes subject to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India jurisdiction only.